Support your learning and professional development with a PebblePad Personal Account

Free Alumni Accounts for graduating students.


PebblePad Learning Journey Platform

Students and professionals out in the workplace use PebblePad to support their learning, evidence experiences and achievements, and bring it all together in high-impact digital form in support of CPD, appraisal, study, assessment, professional development.


For PebblePad Graduates

If you use PebblePad as a student at university we'll support your continuing development with a free Personal Learning Space when you graduate.

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For new users

If you're new to PebblePad and looking for a way to support your study or CPD, a PebblePad Personal Learning Space could be just what you need.

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Free Alumni Accounts for Graduating Students

If you use PebblePad as part of your university course, did you know you can transfer your content to a free personal account when you graduate? Signing up is easy and provides access to PebblePad beyond graduation, without charge, for as long as your university continues to be a PebblePad customer, and for a further three years after that should your university decide to stop PebblePaddling.


The benefits of a Personal Learning Space

Pebblepad's Personal Learning Space, Pebble+, can help you experience better ways to tell your story.
Here are just some of the ways it can be used...


Learning without limits

Pebble+ allows you to learn anywhere, and on any device, helping you record experiences as they happen, and build up a library of great resources about your capabilities.

In-built frameworks

Pebble+ not only helps you evidence your experiences, but in-built frameworks improve success by encouraging you to continually reflect on your experiences and plan for the future.



If the in-built frameworks aren’t quite right for your needs, you can always use intuitive design tools to create your own tools to help you plan, evidence, and reflect. You can also fully personalise your space, improving your sense of ownership.


Your data is always private but you can choose to publish or share individual items or whole collections of evidence with others. Very handy for that job application, upcoming appraisal, or when you want others to validate your skills.

PebblePad portfolio

We'll help you make the most of every experience.

PebblePad's in-built frameworks let you evidence, reflect on, and plan your learning journey and bring it all together in beautiful digitial form in support of study, CPD requirements, or career advancement.


Getting your own space

A PebblePad Personal Account is low on cost and high on value, here is what you'll get with your account...

  • Frameworks to support your development
  • Connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, & OneDrive accounts
  • Daily backup of all your data
  • Email technical support
  • A secure, personalised learning space
  • Create, share, and publish your portfolios freely.
  • Storage for your uploaded files (1GB)
  • All PebblePad upgrades

A one year account will set you back just AU$ 45.00 or you can purchase a three year account for AU$ 90.00.

All prices include GST. Please see terms & conditions


Learning without limits

PebblePad supports learning anywhere on any device and makes sure you never miss an opportunity to learn by helping you evidence experiences as they happen - even if you’re offline. Impressive stuff.

PebblePad records aggregation

We host more than 5.4 million learning assets for our users (and it's growing every day).