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Special Interest Group Webinar - Supporting Degree Apprenticeships at Northumbria University

Thursday 25th October 2018 BST

Thursday 25th October 2018Thursday 25th October 2018

About the webinar

We are delighted to have Patrick Viney, Senior TEL Analyst (Academic) at Northumbria University, as the guest speaker for our Degree Apprenticeship Special Interest Group webinar. Patrick will show how he uses PebblePad to support degree apprenticeships and then open the 'virtual floor' to questions and discussion.

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A collaborative project for online clinical assessment for student nurses (5 regional Universities join forces to launch ePad)

Wednesday 24th October 2018 BST

Wednesday 24th October 2018Wednesday 24th October 2018

Presenter(s): Dr Sarah Burden, Leeds Beckett University

About the webinar

This webinar outlines the successes and challenges of working across 5 Universities, multiple health providers and large numbers of external assessors to manage student nurses and their corresponding mentors to manage all of the clinical assessment documentation online.

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Supporting the transition from student to professional

Thursday 13th September 2018 AEST

Thursday 13th September 2018Thursday 13th September 2018


Ruth Druva, John McInerney and students, Monash University


This session, featuring a panel of students, will look at the transition from student to professional. It will explore students' perception of both the process and product of creating a final accreditation portfolio and how this has prepared them for the transition to the workplace, including interview readiness and developing and articulating a professional identity.

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Leveraging the ePortfolio for Integrative Learning

Tuesday 7th August 2018 PST

Tuesday 7th August 2018Tuesday 7th August 2018


Candyce Reynolds, Portland State University


Integrative Learning is an important outcome of higher education and ePortfolio development can be a way to facilitate connective learning. This session will share a framework for promoting reflective practice as a mechanism to promote integrative learning outcomes through ePortfolio practice, and offers suggestions on how PebblePad can be used in this endeavour.

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Postcards from PebblePad

Thursday 19th July 2018 BST

Thursday 19th July 2018Thursday 19th July 2018


Shane Sutherland

About the webinar

Shane Sutherland, Chief Mischief Maker at PebblePad, will describe the major development projects we are tackling, and the progress we have made in the transition to the HTML5 version of our assessment platform, ATLAS. Shane will also offer a sneak preview of what we'll be delivering in the August '18 PebblePad release, and a peek ahead to the Autumn and Winter releases. We're broadcasting the webinar twice at different times to ensure delegates from all corners of the globe can attend.

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Facilitating the growth of use of PebblePad in Science programs

Thursday 7th June 2018 AEST

Thursday 7th June 2018Thursday 7th June 2018


Christopher Allan and David Green, Griffith University

About the webinar

Griffith Sciences has a major objective to innovate and build better practice in blended learning by putting learning first. In 2017, Griffith Sciences instituted a blended learning fund to support innovative initiatives utilising technology. To get the most out of this initiative a comprehensive training and support process was developed including the development of learning designs for each project and a community of usable scholarly practice was formulated to discuss ideas and strategies.

This webinar provides a brief description of the Griffith Sciences Blended Learning Model and how it is being used to implement and document blended learning principles and designs in STEM education.

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Using the ePortfolio space for creative arts learning in a secondary school

Tuesday 15th May 2018 AEST

Tuesday 15th May 2018Tuesday 15th May 2018

This webinar will provide an overview of a unique pilot project exploring the value of adding a webpage/eportfolio to an Aboriginal Art Class process in a Junior Secondary College in Victoria.

Discovering self-identity through storying in online portfolios, in tandem with artistic and creative classes (e.g. art, music, dance, drama, writing and media), aims to promote engagement for students by reconnecting them to cultural heritage and society; and as a beginning to imaging their future self and repatriation of identity.

The pilot project results are very encouraging, and the researchers are working towards a full implementation of the learning model, Aboriginal art-making + ePortfolio, in a new project, this time focussing on music as the art-form. As well as outlining the pilot project outcomes they will show some student examples, talk about the technology hitches that led to using PebblePad as the ePortfolio format, and discuss plans for future directions.

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The role of the Learning Technologist in large-scale portfolio adoption: Tips & Tricks

Thursday 26th April 2018 BST

Thursday 26th April 2018Thursday 26th April 2018


Alex Spiers, University of Liverpool.
Nicola Sparkes, University of Derby.

About the webinar

A cross-institutional webinar on the role of the Learning Technologist in implementing technologies at scale. The webinar's panel of experts will discuss ideas and approaches for overcoming common institutional challenges.

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A showcase of new approaches to assessment using PebblePad

Wednesday 14th March 2018 AEST

Wednesday 14th March 2018Wednesday 14th March 2018

Marlene Daicopoulos, ePortfolio Learning Support Officer, School of Health Professions, Murdoch University
Imalda Devaparanam, Assistant Clinical Lecturer, School of Biomedical Sciences, Monash University
Belinda Flanagan, Lecturer, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine, University of the Sunshine Coast

About the webinar
Assessment can involve additional challenges when learners are off site, being assessed by external assessors or needing immediate feedback following direct observation. This webinar will look at three approaches to clinical assessment using PebblePad:

Custom templates in PebblePocket
To complement the student clinical portfolio in PebblePad, Nursing at Murdoch University has created templates, including daily time sheets, that can be completed and signed offline while the student is on site, using PebblePocket on smart devices.

Student selected assessors
While on clinical placement, Radiation Therapy students from Monash University select their own clinical assessors to share assessment items with. In addition to other benefits, this has enabled streamlining of the clinical assessment process as well as the efficient monitoring of student clinical progress.

Assessor initiated assessment
In Paramedicine at the University of the Sunshine Coast, practical assessment is conducted via Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). Assessors use iPads during OSCE assessment to complete a PebblePad Feedback template. Learners receive their feedback on the spot, both orally and via the feedback template which appears in their PebblePad asset store.

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Frontiers of Learning

Wednesday 14th February 2018 GMT

Wednesday 14th February 2018Wednesday 14th February 2018


Geoff Rebbeck, Canterbury Christchurch University
Shane Sutherland, Chief Mischief Maker, PebblePad

About the webinar:

In this webinar, Geoff Rebbeck will return to the 6 Frontiers of Learning which were referenced by Sarah Tutton in the August 2017 webinar on ‘Using technology to support reflection on individual learning journeys.’ Geoff will explore the frontiers in more detail, discussing along the way their relationship to eportfolios.

The frontiers being explored are:

  1. Using technology to support and manage unique learning journeys
  2. Course design that works around Reflective learning
  3. Showing Digital literacy-in-action, leading to positive online reputations
  4. Teaching the employability mindset, including self-employment
  5. Focussing all learning, and publishing its accomplishments in personal learning spaces
  6. Using technology to capture and present soft skills - the rounded person.

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