from your very own online space for revalidation.


Big benefits. Small price.

We hope you’ve landed here because PebblePad for revalidation is looking like the right option for you. And if that is the case, we’re delighted. And here’s something that we hope will delight you. We’ve made signing up to PebblePad straightforward and affordable, and below you’ll find everything you need to know about prices and what’s included with your account.*

* Applicable to nurses and midwives in the UK only. Available only in UK PebblePad accounts.


The Frameworks

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The Technology

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Subscription options.

We've kept the subscription options both simple and affordable. In real terms, your personal online revalidation space will cost you less than a cup of coffee each month. Signing up for the three year option will see you save enough to treat yourself to cake.


Option 1

1 Year Subscription*


Option 2

3 Year Subscription*


*You can choose your subscription option on the secure payments page.
Terms & Conditions

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