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Griffith University guest blog - a multi-pronged approach to the enterprise-wide implementation of a Personal Learning Environment.

SEPTEMBER 15th 2017

Friday 15th September 2017Friday 15th September 2017

Organisation-wide eportfolio implementation - a fantastic guest post by Heidi C. Blair, Ph.D. and Megan Duffy from Griffith University, written in the universal language of food.

Like many other higher education institutions, Griffith University (Queensland, Australia), had been looking for an eportfolio platform for its 55,000 staff and students. Across its four academic groups - Arts, Education & Law, Griffith Business, Griffith Health, and Griffith Sciences – academics were asking for a platform to suit a variety of tastes. The University had an appetite for purchasing an eportfolio solution that it could implement and support for all. In late 2016 the university determined that PebblePad was the right technology for the job. Fast forward to August 2017, and the university has a successful enterprise-wide implementation, working collaboratively across departments and academic groups.


Another great catch - James Blackburn joins the team and reflects on his first PebblePad event.

SEPTEMBER 14th 2017

Thursday 14th September 2017Thursday 14th September 2017

Well, our list of internal blog authors has yet again been incremented by a count of one as we welcome James Blackburn to the PebblePad gang. Affectionately known as James Blackburn Rovers within the team (well, at least by those who follow football or soccer) we are delighted to have him on board. James, who famously once wore a hula skirt in a PebblePad workshop whilst still with the Institute of Swimming (though none of us can remember exactly why) has authored a very personal blog post, reaffirming  why he's such a great catch for PebblePad (despite showing questionable judgement when it comes to appropriate workshop attire).


PebblePad Release 1708

AUGUST 15th 2017

Tuesday 15th August 2017Tuesday 15th August 2017

It's release day! That's right, say hello to even more awesome in version 1708, which includes enhancements to both Pebble+ and ATLAS. The release inlcudes:

  • Canvas integration - read more on our blog
  • Sakai integration
  • Linking PebblePad accounts
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Sharing resources via a URL
  • Saving workbook pages as assets
  • Improvements to notification settings
  • Saving ATLAS conversations as summary assets
  • Website uploads


The big takeaways from the big LMS conferences

AUGUST 7th 2017

Monday 7th August 2017Monday 7th August 2017

Having ventured to both D2L Fusion '17 and InstructureCon '17, Chief Mischief Maker at PebblePad, Shane Sutherland, and PebblePad Director of North American Operations, Holly Lewis, reflect on the big takeaways from the big LMS conferences. Read their blog post and discover why our PebblePad duo believe personalized learning and eportfolio is becoming increasingly important as we shift from a learning culture of knowing what to knowing why.


Another golden opportunity at ANZAHPE '17

JULY 20th 2017

Thursday 20th July 2017Thursday 20th July 2017

In mid-July, 2017, PebblePad were Gold sponsors of the 2017 Australian New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) annual conference. Held in Adelaide, South Australia, on the banks of the Torrens River, it was a fabulous opportunity to engage with health professional educators, learn more about their research and practice, and understand the current challenges in their field. While the delegates came from a wide range of health disciplines, it was interesting to note the many commonalities in the challenges that were discussed. For more information on key themes we took away from ANZAHPE 2017 and our reflections on their relevance to PebblePad and eportfolio practice - read our ANZAHPE blog post.


Say hello to the newest member of the PebblePad team - Melissa Pirie Cross

JULY 1st 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017Saturday 1st July 2017

Here at PebblePad, we're very excited. This in itself isn't all that unusual as there's normally always something to be excited about when you're closely involved with PebblePad. But we're even more excited than usual. Why? Well, because  Melissa Shaquid Pirie Cross has joined the PebblePad team from Portland State University.

Melissa's inaugural PebblePad blog post, in which she reflects on an enviable career, looks ahead to the future of higher education and lets us know what she's most looking forward to about her PebblePad journey, makes for a terrific read. And if that's not enough to pique your interest, she also lifts the lid on why she feels the aptest title for her new PebblePad business card is 'The Fixer'. Read Melissa's blog here


PebblePad Release 1704

APRIL 19th 2017

Wednesday 19th April 2017Wednesday 19th April 2017

PebblePad 1704 was safely released into the wild today. It left PebblePad HQ equipped with new formatting toolbar options and evidence field capability in Pebble Plus along with ATLAS improvements to capability fields, table formatting, and PDF export.


Learning Technologies 17 proves to be a great success for PebblePad

FEBRUARY 8th 2017

Wednesday 8th February 2017Wednesday 8th February 2017

Last week we ventured to the Learning Technologies exhibition for the very first time. For us, attending the conference was all about seeing whether what we do in higher education could translate to the modern workplace, and we signed up because more and more people were telling us that our approach, our ethos and our technology is exactly what’s needed to transform modern workplace learning. 

So how was our first adventure at Learning Technologies? Well, we were delighted to find that L&D really does have an appetite for employee-led learning. Learn more about what we discovered at Learning Technologies 17 in our blog post, hot off the press and available here.


PebblePad Release 1702

FEBRUARY 1st 2017

Wednesday 1st February 2017Wednesday 1st February 2017

Hooray - today we upgraded PebblePad to version 1702, which includes enhancements to both Pebble+ and ATLAS. One of the most anticipated enhancements will see users saying goodbye to the YouTube block and welcoming in its place a new and much improved Embed Block. The new Embed Block will allow tutors to embed content from a wide range of services and of course allow students to do the same with their submissions. If you want to see how the new Embed Block works, head over to our blog where you'll find a short post explaining all - view the blog post.