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About PebblePad

We believe that students who are encouraged to extract all they can from each and every step of their learning journey are the ones most likely to succeed. The PebblePad Learning Journey Platform offers medical schools award-winning technology to help educators support, guide and develop students – from induction to graduation, and beyond.


Mission Critical

Medical schools across the globe have a 'mission critical' requirement to develop dynamic, future-ready medical graduates in real-world settings. With clinical skills, specialist placements, electives, research and collaborative projects all forming significant components of a student’s overall medical education, medical schools need a technology versatile enough to support these varied learning and development activities and encourage active, authentic learning - within and beyond the classroom.

Our Mission

Ensuring Mission Success

This 'mission-critical' requirement is resulting in many medical schools across the globe looking at ways to bolster their learning ecology with tools to better support and guide experiential learning and bridge the theory - practice gap. PebblePad offers tools that extend far beyond its portfolio-building capability, providing an end-to-end Learning Journey Platform to help medical educators create scaffolded frameworks to support learning activities in any context, alongside a suite of tools to formatively assess and guide development. If you'd like to learn more about how this works in practice, then our latest medical education guide, which includes three customer case studies, is a must-read. Simply click the button below to download a free copy.

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Features at a Glance

Create learning and development frameworks which map to regulatory requirements and provide standardised assessment.

Enable students to upload evidence of their activities and competence through the use of customised forms and an offline app.

Engaging Externals
Support external assessment and foster collaboration through PebblePad's powerful assessment engine, ATLAS.

Monitor student activity and analyse individual, group or entire cohort performance.

Assessing & Feeding Back
Enhance the quality and quantity of formative and summative assessment and feedback across the entire medical curriculum.

Demonstrate performance through powerful reporting tools which display data via dashboards or through secure data export.


The above showcases just some of the standout features of PebblePad; if we were to include all of PebblePad features used to support medical education, trust us when we say we'd need a much, much bigger page. That said, if it's features and functionality you're interested in, then our Features Comparison Checklist is probably the resource for you. The checklist provides more than 300 areas for consideration and covers portfolio features, tools for designing frameworks for learning, and functionality to support assessment, integration and mobile learning.


Case Studies

University of Liverpool Sheffield Hallam University La Trobe University
PebblePad workbook

PebblePad's unique tools, workflows and reporting features, have significantly enhanced the overall student and staff experience and transformed the administrative and educational activities of the entire medical curriculum.

University of Liverpool

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PebblePad has been used to implement a 360 degree feedback framework where students are able to record and reflect on experience in a clinical setting and receive real-time feedback. This informs the teaching programme and facilitates better support for weaker students.

La Trobe University

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PebblePad management report
PebblePad portfolio

This award-winning project has not only provided a sustainable model for the future, but also enhanced the learning process for the trainees, improving their performance, and reducing the cost of the assessment process.

Sheffield Hallam University

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Four Great Reasons to choose PebblePad



PebblePad is a platform built by educators for educators. We're proud of our 15-year track record of innovation and sharing our expertise to help higher education practitioners blaze new trails in learning and assessment.



We are big enough to be trusted to support medical schools across the globe, but small enough to value every customer relationship. It's why our customer-base, just like our team, is growing year on year.



When it comes to supporting the range of learning activities which make up a university education, PebblePad offers unrivalled capability for enabling authentic learning within and beyond the classroom.



Our customers rely on us to support business-critical activity at scale, 24 hours a day. You only need to look at our uptime and usage data to see that PebblePad is a platform you can trust.


Free Alumni Accounts for Graduating Students

In support of our commitment to promoting life-long learning, we offer free alumni accounts to learners graduating from any of the educational institutions we work with.


One of the things I love most about PebblePad is the fact that students can take their reflections and portfolios with them into practice and continue to develop them as professionals.

University of Edinburgh



Our platform is a lot like our people - versatile and good at talking to others. Out-of-the-box integration with popular file stores and learning platforms makes it easy for organisations to put PebblePad at the heart of the medical education curriculum and offers students and staff even greater flexibility.

Google Drive Canvas Credly Dropbox
OneDrive Brightspace Moodle Blackboard

Want to see PebblePad doing its thing?

If the information and case studies on this page have piqued your interest and you'd like to see PebblePad in action, just complete the form below to request a demo. And don't worry, we don't do hard sells – PebblePad is a platform designed by educators for educators, and the team is bursting at the seams with innovators and practitioners, all of whom learnt their craft in teaching roles. So, it's a given you'll be chatting with someone who really understands your world and your challenges.


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