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PebblePad for Higher Education

PebblePad is an award-winning personal learning and assessment system. We've spent the last 10 years building powerful eportfolio, e-assessment, and personal tutoring spaces and below you’ll find some of the reasons why PebblePad is now one of the most widely used systems of its kind, ensuring universities help their students experience better ways to evidence the skills needed for today's competitive world.



We've notched up more than 10 years’ experience implementing PebblePad’s eportfolio, learning, and assessment technologies across leading institutions.

Personalised feedback

PebblePad's unique approach to timely, personalised feedback engages students and improves performance and retention.

Advanced assessment

PebblePad offers powerful tools for designing robust, authentic assessment in line with an institution's processes, and reporting on progress.



Support for multiple activities makes PebblePad technology hugely cost-effective when embedded at the heart of an institution's learning culture.

External assessors

External experts can easily be given secure access to submitted work to contribute and add value to the entire assessment process.

Simple licensing

No complex pricing models, no hidden costs - just simple, straightforward licensing for PebblePad as a cloud-hosted solution.


Lifelong learning

All PebblePad users can transfer their content to a free personal account when graduating, encouraging lifelong learning and seamless transition from education to career.

Learning without limits

PebblePad's versatility to support learning anywhere and on any device, offers limitless possibilities to develop graduates who are better equipped for their careers.

Flexible eportfolios

Recording evidence of learning is one thing. Bringing it together in a beautiful, shareable format is another. PebblePad makes the whole process easy.

Our eportfolio tools are world-beating.

Our eportfolio tools are world-beating.

"PebblePad eportfolios stand out as little jewels of creativity and, most importantly, they can be designed by any user, without the need for specialised skills."

The University of Edinburgh

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Deliver value through versatility.

From eportfolio creation to the delivery of interactive learning content to the design of competency frameworks, powerful authentic assessment and personalised feedback, PebblePad offers a single, cost-effective solution for multiple agendas.
Here's how PebblePad is being used in Higher Education ...

Work Based Learning
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Professional Skills
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We're revolutionising the way people design learning.

"The availability of templates and workbooks allows us to introduce structure, without frustrating learners’ creative exploration and self-reflection."                                      

Duke University

Revolutionising the way people design learning

PebblePad helps our students reflect on what they are learning by documenting curricular, co-curricular and community learning and the relationship between.

McMaster University


We'll help you see what really matters.

"The reporting features in PebblePad have blown us away in how we can show graphically the stage where students are, specifically in relation to clinically accredited courses."

Edith Cowan University


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Out-of-the-box integration with popular file stores, badge platforms and VLEs makes it easy for organisations to put PebblePad at the heart of a learning culture and offers individual users even more flexibility.

Google Drive Canvas Sakai Dropbox
OneDrive Brightspace Moodle Blackboard Learn

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