PebblePad Features

Smile-inducing capability you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Tools for teaching and learning

Experience better ways to drive engagement and improve results with Pebble+ - the personal learning space.


Interactive workbooks

PebblePad workbooks combine interactive content with rich tools for feedback and assessment. A sure fire way to improve results and drive engagement.

Customisable templates

PebblePad's intuitive content builders help users to easily create and share frameworks perfectly suited to a learner's needs.

ePortfolio design tools

Recording evidence of learning is one thing. Bringing it together in a beautiful, shareable format is another. PebblePad makes the whole process easy.


In-built frameworks

PebblePad helps users evidence their experiences, no matter what context, and improves success by encouraging ongoing reflection and planning.

Activity logs & collections

Effort can be recorded against any type of activity in support of project work, CPD, or assessment and PebblePad can cleverly collate the evidence based on user-defined criteria.

External services

A user can easily connect their PebblePad account to Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive to provide added flexibility.

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Out-of-the-box integration with popular file stores as well as badging and learning platforms makes it easy for organisations to put PebblePad at the heart of a learning culture and offers individual users greater flexibility.

Google Drive Canvas Sakai Dropbox
OneDrive Brightspace Moodle Blackboard Learn

Tools for assessment

Experience better ways to deliver powerful, authentic assessment with ATLAS,
PebblePad's Active Teaching Learning and Assessment Space.



As soon as a learner interacts with a PebblePad framework, it can be set to securely auto-submit into a space where an assessor or mentor can provide feedback from day one.

Reporting & analytics

PebblePad makes it easy to monitor interaction, identify learners who need an extra helping hand, and report on progress and success. Data can be viewed graphically or exported for further analysis.

Feedback collections

PebblePad streamlines the delivery of personalised formative and summative feedback, providing the helping hand that can make all the difference to success.


Flexible permissions

PebblePad is secure and robust, providing administrators with flexible tools for customising what users are able to see and do in the assessment space.

Grading & archiving

PebblePad offers grading, blind, and double-blind marking, validation, and secure archiving to support robust assessment and quality standards.


Whether you want to create a learning community, support peer-to-peer assessment, or develop groups for sharing learning and best-practice, PebblePad makes collaborative learning straightforward.

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PebblePad on devices

Best in its field (even when you're in a field).

PebblePad's award-winning technology makes it a great choice for any educational setting. And support for mobile and offline working makes it especially useful in healthcare settings or for when, like our friends using PebblePad for sports coaching, you do actually find yourself out in a field.

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Monitor progress with PebblePad reporting.

What our customers say ...

"The reporting features in PebblePad have blown us away in how we can show graphically the stage where learners are, specifically in relation to clinically accredited courses."

Edith Cowan University

Reporting and statistics

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