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Presentations, case studies, publications and general resources from our PebblePad conferences, symposiums, online seminars, and special interest groups.

12 Sep

PebbleBash ’16 – The Global Gathering

The idea of future readiness will form the overarching theme for PebbleBash '16. We imagine this term will mean different things to different people (and that’s great) but if we were asked to sum up what it means to us, we’d have to say it’s all about how organisations support and fully prepare graduates and employees for a changing and ever more competitive world. 

We always have big expectations for PebbleBash and this year will be no different. The roaring success of previous conferences means that we know for sure that the conference will be big on fun and big on brilliant ideas from experts and practitioners from across the globe.

02 Dec

Future Ready Symposium

 Presentations & Resources from the Future Ready Symposium which explored the role of technology in developing future ready learners by a cast of expert practitioners and thinkers each of whom professionally navigates the employability, graduateness and technology nexus. Specifically the programme features contributions from presenters representing institution-wide approaches; innovative curriculum development; employer engagement, graduate recruitment and national research projects.

08 Jul

MiniBash '14 - The UK National Gathering

MiniBash 2014 - The UK National Gathering - Presentations & Resources

13 May

PebblePad Health Symposium 2014

Resources and presentations from the PebblePad Health Symposium 2014,  - Managing a personal CPD strategy: From undergraduate to qualified health professional for those interested in exploring strategies for developing effective CPD management for busy health professionals.

01 May

PebblePad and the HEAR

Presentations exploring the relationship (possible, probable and currently realised) between the Higher Education Achievement Record and an eportfolio system like PebblePad.

14 Apr

PebbleBash 2014 - Publications

PebblePad: Personalising the Curriculum - case studies and publication

14 Apr

PebbleBash 2014 - Presentations

PebblePad: Personalising the Curriculum 
Improving learning and development through thoughtful learning design

Presentations, videos, notes and other resources

10 Jul

MiniBash 2013

Minibash 2013 - One Year PebblePad3 - Celebration Symposium - Presentations.

20 May

Supporting and Assessing Healthcare Students in Practice

Presentations exploring how learner support, feedback and assessment can be managed through PebblePad using mentors and assessors from practice settings.

06 Nov

Graduateness and Employability

Presentations from the Graduateness and Employability seminar, looking at how institutions support their strategies to enhance and evidence skills and attributes associated with Graduateness and/or Employability.

21 Jun

PebbleBash 2012: Making the Case - Publications

Case studies & conference publications


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21 Jun

PebbleBash 2012: Making the Case - Presentations

Conference presentations

10 Jun

PebbleBash 2010 - Presentations

Presentations from the first PebbleBash 2010

10 Jun

PebbleBash 2010 - Publications

Case studies and publications from the first PebbleBash 2010