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PebblePad - a more connected learning journey.


PebblePad for Corporates

Our award-winning technology lets organisations deliver rich, interactive content and seamlessly integrate this learning with purpose-built frameworks for staff development. Here are just some of the reasons why PebblePad is the clear choice for organisations looking to improve employee engagement and elevate staff performance.



PebblePad's eportfolio, learning, assessment & mentoring platform has been nurturing health professionals for more than 10 years.


PebblePad offers in-built templates so existing paper-based competency or development frameworks can be replicated with ease.


Having a single platform that can support multiple activities and agendas offers considerable benefits across an organisation and makes PebblePad hugely cost-effective.



PebblePad supports the latest LTI integration standards and if you need to get PebblePad talking to your existing systems, we can make that happen.

Simple licensing

No complex pricing models, no hidden costs - just simple, straightforward licensing for PebblePad as a cloud-hosted solution.

Learning without limits

Dynamic learning, anywhere, and on any device, offers limitless possibilities to develop professionals who are engaged in their development and performing better.


Empower your staff through learner-centric design.

PebblePad lets you create dynamic resources that seamlessly blend content with learner reflection and input. Our approach improves learner participation and makes it easy for you to monitor engagement and performance.


One integrated platform. Endless possibilities.

From the design and delivery of interactive learning and powerful assessment, to the creation of coaching, appraisal and staff development frameworks, PebblePad offers a versatile, cost-effective solution for any organisation looking to improve its development programmes. Here are just some of the ways it can be used ...

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Online learning

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Powerful tools to help you measure success.

With real-time visibility on staff progress, brilliant tools for assessment, and powerful reporting, PebblePad helps you monitor and improve the effectiveness of your learning and staff development programmes.


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One platform - many purposes.

The same PebblePad platform used to support learning and development activities can also be used to support ongoing staff development and appraisal. This provides continuity for users and delivers real cost benefits for the organisation.


PebblePad delivers exactly what it says it will; our students and staff love it, yes love it! It is intuitive and guides students to the benefits of reflective learning. From setting up our account, to training of staff, to support in setting up our workspaces, the help and support from PebblePad has been excellent.

Jen Blakeman, Orthodontic Team Training Ltd, Leamington Spa.