• Talent management

    Technology to help you develop your team and measure success.

  • Onboarding and induction

    Technology to help you personalise the learning experience.

  • Engagement and retention

    Technology to help you engage, train, and retain staff.

  • Goodbye 9 to 5. Hello anytime, anywhere

    Technology to help you support the 70-20-10 model of learning.


PebblePad for Business

We spend our days crafting beautifully designed technology that allows you to put your staff right at the heart of their professional development. PebblePad for business gives you access to our multi award-winning cloud-based talent management platform. We’re very proud of what we’ve created - not least because our unique approach is an ROI dream for any business worried about how to cost-effectively tackle onboarding, training, appraisal, talent management, and retention of staff.


We're not just a variation on the same theme.

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What makes us different?

PebblePad for business transforms the often isolated and transitory learning experiences into ongoing, personalised development pathways. Have a gentle meander down this page and you'll find out more about how we can help your business engage staff at every stage of their development.



When it comes to onboarding there’s a lot at stake for you and your new employees. A good onboarding programme can increase the chances of an employee staying with you by as much as 70%. Here’s how PebblePad can help.

  • Design tools
  • Share your content
  • Track engagement
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Create personalised, tailored content using our intuitive design tools.

Create personalised, tailored content using our intuitive design tools.


Share your content easily and securely and adapt it in real-time to respond to your users’ needs.


Track engagement and report on outcomes.


I can say that the support provided by PebblePad is great, tailored to an organisation's needs, flexible, and thorough. These guys really know their products and having the technical side covered by PebblePad, given that they host the data, makes things so easy.

LMS and Integration Project Manager.


Ongoing learning & development

You’re delighted, your new recruits have been onboarded. But now comes the creation of personal development plans, competency frameworks, and requirements for ongoing training. With PebblePad there is no stop-start, no lack of continuity, the process becomes a seamless continuation of the onboarding process.

  • Embed new training as and when required.
  • Create and modify personal pathways easily.
  • Monitor and identify performance issues early.
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Goodbye 9 to 5. Hello anytime, anywhere.

Grappling to find a technology that supports today's model of learning and development?

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Dynamic Appraisal

PebblePad for business is perfectly aligned to support the 70-20-10 model of learning and development. Employees are able to document their experiences as and when they happen in digital journals and connect this evidence to their personal development pathways. This approach provides meaningful and ongoing insight for both employee and employer.

  • Allow employees to connect real-world learning to career progression.
  • Easily customise the process for specific business needs and workflows.
  • Make talent identification transparent and straightforward.

We use PebblePad to deliver and track 100's of interactive courses. We chose PebblePad for its unique ability to combine real world learning with continuing personal and professional development.

Tanya Kesterton, British Swimming.


Our formula for success.

PebblePad for business offers a unique way of working and helps organisations use the latest and greatest technology to combine real world learning with personalised development pathways. We've thrown out the rule book on traditional talent management and created our own formula for success. Why not see if our formula can help you drive engagement, achieve better insight, and generate a positive ROI for your business?

For us, it’s goodbye to the old ineffective formula for talent management:
Generic disconnected training + transitory appraisal = low engagement + low ROI

And hello to a more successful formula of our very own:
real world learning + personalised development pathways = high engagement + high ROI