• We welcome Columbia University as they choose PebblePad to support innovative portfolio pedagogies.

    by Gail Ring


We welcome Columbia University as they choose PebblePad to support innovative portfolio pedagogies.

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MAY 31st 2018· by Gail Ring


Columbia University join the growing PebblePad Community

We are excited to announce that PebblePad will begin working with the Columbia University School of Professional Studies (SPS). SPS will use PebblePad to test innovative approaches to teaching and learning based on portfolio pedagogies.


We are excited to begin working with this distinguished institution. Their focus on student-centered approaches to learning aligns well with the features of PebblePad, including workbooks to scaffold reflection and portfolios to support career design. 

Gail Ring, Director of Learning Partnerships, PebblePad North America. 

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SPS has already identified a number of use cases for PebblePad, including workbooks for developing student career competencies and co-curricular learning, as well as capstone projects. The ability to conduct robust reporting and assessment on these workbooks will allow faculty and staff to more easily track student progress and provide timely feedback in real time. 

If you're considering your own portfolio adventure or simply want to learn more about the kinds of features and functionality you might want to consider when scoping out your portfolio requirements, then please do have a look at our free portfolio guide and checklist.

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We are excited to explore the use of PebblePad and portfolio pedagogies to improve student outcomes in a range of learning contexts at SPS. We believe PebblePad is a technology well-suited to supporting a number of our teaching and learning goals. The company itself is very supportive and helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

Domi Enders, Project Manager for the SPS ePortfolio initiative.

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About PebblePad and Student-Centered Learning

We are really looking forward to helping the SPS Team at Columbia University implement their innovative student-centered teaching and learning initiatives. Here at PebblePad, we are having an increasing number of conversations with universities across the globe about what portfolio and student-centered learning needs to look like for today's tech-savvy learners. In fact, we've had so many conversations over recent times that we recently commissioned research into Global Trends in Higher Education and published a free guide on 6 steps to kick-starting a student-centered learning strategy

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Gail is a great believer in the power of portfolios for learning and has been using them in her teaching and research since her graduate work at the University of Florida. Formerly the Director of the ePortfolio Program at Clemson University, Gail joined the PebblePad team in 2015 as she wanted the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion for the transformational nature of portfolio with a broader audience. Therefore, on any given day, you'll most likely find Gail eulogising all things portfolio somewhere in North America (albeit with a healthy bias towards a rather wonderful portfolio platform going by the name of PebblePad).