Cultivating business growth: introducing our newest, green thumbed Director

by Kenny Nicholl, Samantha Blyth


Cultivating business growth: introducing our newest, green thumbed Director

~ The PebblePad Team ~

APRIL 26th 2021
Kenny Nicholl
Samantha Blyth


2021 feels barely out of the blocks - how is it the second quarter already? - and yet the momentum we commented on last year has only gathered speed and continues to drive the business forward. With Spring in the air at PebblePad HQ, it’s more than just the gardens blooming. Our development teams have been working apace on exciting new functionality to be released mid-year (more on that to come soon), we've welcomed new partner institutions into the PebblePad Community, and our team continues to grow with wonderful new talent joining the company to support us in product development, HR and marketing roles. And now we're beyond excited to be able to announce that the wonderful Samantha Blyth is joining us as our newest Director of Partnerships and Business Development. 

If ever there was a time for Higher Education to once and for all meet the challenges of helping students to plan for, make sense of and showcase their learning, it must be now. Sam joining us brings exceptional experience into our team, at a time when we continue our scaling up to meet the unprecedented demand that we continue to see and meet across the globe for PebblePad. This pivotal role will see Sam help take our growth to new heights as well as to new geographies. I know, having previously worked with Sam, that she will also be an incredible mentor, coach and friend to our wonderful team and also to our global client communities.

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What drives me is helping organisations use technology to take the heavy lifting out of education ‘admin’ and discovering new ways for them to use technology to engage students.

Sam Blyth, Director of Partnerships and Business Development 

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Sam brings with her a wealth of experience in the educational technology space, garnered over more than 15 years in the field – since a time, as Sam says, “when the common use of education technology funding was a cupboard full of CDs.” Her passion to drive greater student success through thoughtful use of technology to support quality learning experiences makes her a perfect fit for PebblePad, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results of Sam’s infectious energy and drive harnessed with that of (equally energetic) fellow Director of Partnerships and Business Development, Matthew Wheeler. A dream team, indeed, and their pace setting will be central to maintaining our momentum in ensuring we’re helping more universities support students in every step of their unique learning journeys.

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Gardens & Growth

As the mother of two boys, aged 9 & 13, Sam could be described as being in “the Minecraft stage of life”. She derives joy from sunshine in her Derbyshire garden, where she loves to potter, days out with her family and meals out with her partner and friends. She can also be found submerged in the pages of a good book or dancing, “sometimes on my own in the kitchen, these days” – which I’m sure a lot of us can relate to during these unique times. And even though current restrictions mean Sam hasn't been able to join the team in the office yet, it has in no way hindered her swift embrace into the PebblePad fold. "Joining a new company, particularly when we are all still remote, can be challenging.  However, even before my first day the team at PebblePad were so welcoming and supportive it hardly felt like a first day at all!"

We’re delighted that Sam has brought along her sunny nature and dancing spirit to PebblePad, along with her deep interest and expertise in supporting Higher Education organisations to provide exceptional learning experiences. We know she'll have a huge impact on our PebblePad growth trajectory. I’ll leave Sam to have the final say.

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What so surprised & delighted me when I first began delving into PebblePad's capabilities was the discovery of just how comprehensive - definitely more than just an eportfolio - PebblePad is.

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“My role at PebblePad is a perfect way to further develop my experience and interest in what drives student success. Most educators want to give their students a personal experience with authentic feedback and time for reflection and discussion, but doing that at scale can be incredibly hard. Technology has a key part to play in supporting and enabling whatever pedagogical practice the institution and/or academic needs. I love how PebblePad does just this - in ways that the LMS or VLE just can’t manage – by scaffolding learning and guiding students through their entire learning journeys. In fact, that was what so surprised & delighted me when I first began delving into PebblePad's capabilities and discovered just how comprehensive - definitely more than just an eportfolio - PebblePad is. I’m looking forward to my own learning journey with PebblePad and I’m incredibly excited to help others discover why the Learning Journey Platform is increasingly being viewed as a core component of the university digital learning ecosystem.”

If you’d like to find out more about how PebblePad can bridge the reflective and experiential learning and authentic assessment gaps that other platforms simply can't bridge, our Learning Journey Platform publication is a great place to start.

The PebblePad Learning Journey Platform Publication

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With over 20 years' experience supporting education organisations across the globe, Kenny joined the PebblePad executive team after successfully helping both Hobsons and Instructure grow into leading education technology organisations in Europe and further afield. Kenny is "into" growth in a big way, playing a crucial role in the growth and development of the PebblePad people and our reputation as a core technology in the Higher Education space. Since Kenny is also a big fan of great chocolate cake, he keeps his own "personal growth" in check by regularly spinning on his training bike. Kenny's other passions in life include his two young boys and his eclectic music collection.

With over 15 years of experience working in the educational technology sector, Samantha has a passion for helping educators use technology to support pedagogies that enable student success. She is also a keen gardener and enjoys nothing more than spending time in her Derbyshire garden. It's clear to everyone who works with Sam that her ability to promote growth - on a personal, professional, business and horticultural level - seems to know no bounds.