Using videos to support PebblePad Implementation

by Beth Motherwell


Using videos to support PebblePad Implementation

~ Implementation ~

FEBRUARY 12th 2016· by Beth Motherwell


Implementing a system in an university setting can be a real challenge. PebblePad users, Northumbria University, have created two simple videos which have helped ease some of the implementation from their TEL team.

Known as PatrickPlus (due to his amazing PP knowledge!) by his colleagues, TEL advisor Patrick Viney made two short videos which were shared with both students and staff at the university. 

Following a recent user group at Northumbria, we have been given permission by Patrick to share these fantastic resources with our PebblePad community.

You can watch the videos here:

Video one - PebblePad at Northumbria University 

Video two - What is Pebble+?


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