New feature focus - adding backgrounds to a portfolio

by Brad Rushton


New feature focus - adding backgrounds to a portfolio

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NOVEMBER 22nd 2016· by Brad Rushton


Giving your portfolio a bit more wow

Adding more character and personality to a PebblePad portfolio has never been easier. Indeed, our new background image feature allows a user to choose a ‘form’ width scrolling canvas with a fixed background image. Images can be centered, tiled, stretched or aligned to the top left, making it possible to work with imagery that may have an unusual aspect ratio. Once a user has styled a page, the design will cascade through all pages of the portfolio, meaning styling only need to be set once. 

The feature will undoubtedly come in handy for organisations looking to brand, for instance, guidance, information, and example eportfolios. Organisations will be able to upload a logo as a .png image and choose to align top left, and with the option to add a complimentary background colour - creating an 'on brand' portfolio is all very straightforward.

The background image feature is available now, and we've provided a very short video below on how it all works.

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