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PebblePad for Sport

PebblePad is an award-winning personal learning and assessment system used by sports organisations to improve performance by providing powerful ways to connect learning and assessment with real-world experience.


Proven reputation

We've notched up more than 10 years' experience implementing PebblePad. It's why the likes of British Swimming and British Athletics put their trust in our technology.


PebblePad provides total freedom and flexibility to create customised content and frameworks that are truly fit for purpose in sports coaching and development.

Progress tracking

In-built reporting and analytics allows user to graphically track progress, allowing early identification of learners who might need an extra helping hand, which ultimately improves results.


Simple licensing

No complex pricing models, no hidden costs - just simple, straightforward licensing for PebblePad as a cloud-hosted solution.

Mobile & offline

The ability to upload media and evidence using an offline app makes PebblePad the perfect choice for athletes and coaches out in the field.

Mentor access

Mentors can easily be given secure access to PebblePad to provide 1-2-1 or group support, providing a significantly richer experience.


Assessment & feedback

A unique approach to authentic assessment with full archiving capability, and the ability to provide timely, personalised feedback enhances performance through every step of the journey.

Learning without limits

Dynamic learning, anywhere, and on any device, offers limitless possibilities to develop sports professionals who are reflective, well rounded and perform better.


Having a single platform that can support multiple activities and agendas offers considerable benefits across an organisation and makes PebblePad hugely cost-effective.


Freedom to design learning that's truly fit for purpose.

With PebblePad you’re free to design frameworks exactly as you want them and put the learner right at the heart of the experience.


How will you use PebblePad?

From the delivery of interactive learning content to the design of coaching, appraisal and competency frameworks, authentic assessment and personalised feedback, PebblePad offers a versatile, cost-effective solution for any sports context. Here are just some of the ways it can be used ...


Elearning & assessment

Coaching & mentoring


CPD & appraisal



Every experience is a chance to learn and improve.

PebblePad's support for mobile and offline working helps learners and coaches evidence and reflect on experiences as they happen.


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Putting the POW in powerful, authentic assessment.

With real-time visibility on learner progress and brilliant tools for feedback and assessment, PebblePad allows our users to design powerful authentic assessment and improve results.


Diving headfirst into CPD


British Swimming – learning through technology

For British Swimming, the adoption of PebblePad was more than just an exercise in using the latest technology to be innovative, it was about helping the organisation realise how much more efficient and effective it could be.